Please help, I need advice from parents?

Asked: Please help, I need advice from parents?

I am 16 and have a sister who is turning twelve in a week. I am very protective of her and we share a room so I'm the one that gives her a reasonable bedtime so she can get enough sleep. I tell her when she is on the computer too much and everything like that. Recently I've been annoyed because she's been texting a lot and i feel like she shouldn't be texting too much at her age. Her phone was right in front of me and a message popped up where I found out she has a boyfriend. I showed my mom and she didn't really get mad. She just said it was already obvious and smiled. This made me very angry because when I was her age she did not let me date. And I don't think 11 year olds should be dating at all! My mom used to be strict with me( fair strict) but with my sister not at all. Should I just let it go and stop worrying about what she lets my sister do and what not? She is just very easy going with my sister and with me it was very different. It caused general anxiety disorder with me. And I'm Just thinking its not fair that with her it's always so nice and understanding while with me it was not.


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