Pickup Artist – Conversation That Gets Women

Pickup Artist – Conversation That Gets Women I got an email from a client who mentioned that he runs out things to say to women after he talks to women for a while. He continued to express that this happens when he approaches women and this pattern continues even when he in on a date. He wanted me to give suggestions that will help him become more fun around women and be able to engage them. You can read his email here: www.attractionmethods.com This is a very common problem. Most men have no idea what kind of things to say. In the Social Mastery Book I have listed conversation topics that are good when flirting with women. I have also listed sample conversation pieces to explain how I embed value and attraction triggers to get women. Men often adopt a flawed approach to get better with women. They assume that becoming funny or storyteller will get them women. Funny and storytelling can definitely buy you time with women but it won't generate attraction. If you use the right style of conversation the woman will feel it and contribute to the conversation then you will not run out of things to say. In order for this to happen you need to make a woman experience sexual attraction for you. Both of my clients from the last workshop ended up having a One Night Stand with women they met in the first night of the workshop. Their success was a result of these conversation principles. In the video I break down the interaction and explain the principles that made a woman experience <b>…</b>

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