Peavey Rage 108 with cab sim

Cheap amp, cheap video. I used a freeware cab impulse that came bundled with LeCab2. Ampire (comes with Studio One) allowed me to load it into a user cab. The one in this vid is Guitar Hack's Original 3 edge. I also ran it through a post-EQ in the stompbox section of Ampire, which comes with Studio One Artist. Any EQ will work, just bump the mids up a litle. Get LeCab at: Guitar, bass, programming, cheap frames Keith from Brannigan/Pound Six/BF. Signal chain: Guitar: Cheap Jackson V with DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup – Peavey Rage 108 — line out — Presonus VSL22 — computer with Studio One Artist — GH cab impulse — Ampire post EQ stompbox. Bass: Value-priced Yamaha bass — Hartke B600 — preamp out — VSL22 — computer. We own this music, which we wrote just to make a video today. (c) 2012 S-House Records, LLC.

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