Pass Her “Test” EVERY Time..

passhertests 300x199 Pass Her Test EVERY Time..
Women test men. She might ask you to buy her a drink. If you ask her for her number she might tell you to give her yours and SHE will call you. She might try to dictate the date itinerary. Etc.

These are all test. If you don’t recognize these as test then you’re probably failing them and ruining the attraction you could be sparking with women. If that’s the case you need the Get The Girl ebook. You can get it by clicking here

Why do women do this?

Women test men because they want to determine if you’re strong or weak and they subconsciously know that they can’t rely on you to be “up front” and just tell them if they ask. So, testing is a reliable shortcut.

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What can you do? First of all, realize that getting tested by women is a fun and exciting dance once you know the moves. Women test men to feel their strength and men display their strength to create sexual tension with women. The end result is a sexual CHEMISTRY that we all enjoy.

Here’s some specific tips:

If a woman ask you to buy her a drink tell her something like this: “This is what we’re gonna do.. You buy me what you think is my favorite drink and I’ll buy you the one I think is you’re favorite. Whoever wins has to buy the next round.” This will save you money, set you apart from other guys, and frame you as the leader of the interaction.

To make sure you get the phone number do this:

Ask you if can give her your number, write down your number on a piece of paper, tear it in half, then hand her the blank piece and the pen.. She’ll know what to do. If she hesitates just smile and say “You know what to do.” Or some other version of cocky-funny humor.

tests1 Pass Her Test EVERY Time..

If she tries to dictate the date itinerary start busting on her about being “bossy” while sticking to your plans. Stay positive, fun, humorous, and maintain the lead.

Basically, you pass all her test by maintaining the leadership role, staying positive, being fun, playful, and humorously arrogant.

David Gideon

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