Papoose – Holiday Love Lyrics

Download ringtone at –►–►►◄◄–◄– Search for the artist. If no Ringtones available you will get another cool alternative. Papoose – Holiday Love Lyrics I need a girl to take the clothes out the cleaner the food out the freezer lay some off me when I cop new snickers a name like keisha, tasa or lisa or maybe tanisha a real hood diva I say you look good, she say looks can deceive you you got a small mouth I can tell you a screamer wash the car for me when I park by the meter roll up my refull oh ye she's a keeper love when I come see her but hate when I leave her so she stash my car keys behind the speaker and she go to bed with a book She a reader inteligent I call her baby girl like aliyah think for me when I'm not thinking she a thinker pick up all the shells if I clap my anina have you seen her I'm tryin' to find my wife you make me high, I'm high on life holiday, it's your day every way celebrate, come on and celebrate everytime , girl everytime I see you take me high when she see me she hug me and make the scenery lovely we argue she hate it but she won't leave me she love me she get Heated and cuss me let me eat when I'm hungry then she please me and lust me she gon' tease me she fuck me they be keeping her from me but she sneaky she hug me she wrote me a dirty text she said she need me she want em now you haters make me sick I'm gonna need me some buckles I don't need her she ugly she completly disgust me never lie to my lady she would <b>…</b>

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