Online Marketers are Full of Shit (& Other Success Lessons)

Full Article: This video is the cliff notes version of my mega article about the heros journey we all take towards success. I reveal everything I've learned & the numerous boneheaded mistakes I've made so far. I explain the different levels of information here – with the goal being to reach the elite level so that we can connect direct to source to get our creativity, inspiration, ideas, etc. Some elites include: Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Phil Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Isaac Newton, Edison, Darwin, etc. I also talk about online marketers like: Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo), Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Tony Robbins, Dan Sullivan etc & the role they play in our success journey. Usually marketers charge an ultra high price for the same wisdom & information that is given away for free by the elites in our society – the problem is that we just don't know that yet until we've gone thru this journey. Thanks for watching, you hot & saucy new age hipsters!

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