Online guy..Please give me your opinion on this!!!!?

Cristina Decarlo Asked: Online guy..Please give me your opinion on this!!!!?

This looks longer than it really is! Please read!

So Ive been talking with this guy online for a while (months!)..
Ive never really believed in the whole "online dating" thing, so I was definitely not looking for anything.. Me and my friend where on a random chat site trying to kill time and came across him, and I kept in touch with him.
When we first started 'talking' it was the whole cyber sex thing and only that.
It was like that continuously for the first 4 months or so. We didnt 'talk' for months after that (probably mostly by my doing, I kind of stop talking to him for a while…)
Anyways, we starting chatting again of few moths ago (hes always messaged me first)
We still do the whole dirty talk thing but theres definitely been some different vibes now(good vibes, but just different from how things always were when we first started 'talking', before it was only a online sex thing but now it seems like hes interested)
I wanna say I really dont get a creep vibe from him, he actually seem like a relatively decent guy.
Anyways, he asked for my phone number for PingChat. We normally message and video chat on yahoo messenger..
Anyways he asked me to add him on pingchat with an offline message and gave me his phone number.. A week or so later I added him but sent him a message on Yahoo messenger (where we normally talk), letting him know I had added him and gave him my phone number. I didn't want to message him directly on PingChat because he was the one who asked for my phone number and I want him to message me first (that app is kind of like regular SMSing directly to your phone so its definitely more of a personal thing)
So my question is do you guys think I did the right thing by sending him a message on yahoo messenger instead of to his phone letting him know I added him?
This really isnt really a hugely important question (and every thing had been fine between us and everything, hes messaged be back and stuff..) Its just something Im curious about and wanna know if that was a good thing to do.. Guys, what would you have liked the girl to do in that situation? Girls, Do you think that was a good choice?

lol please let me know if this question is making sense to you guys!!!

I gave you guys backround on the whole story not only so you can answer my question but also because I really want someone opinions and advice on this whole situation… Ive definitely left a lot of things out becasue I don't really feel comfortable saying everything on here. So if someone could email with me and give me their advice and opinions on whats going on with this situation, I would really appreciate it so much!
If anyone has been in something similar with someone online, I would love your advice!!
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