Numb (A Joe Jonas Son Story) Chapter 77

Joe's POV Janus walked in without Alex. She looked upset. Demi: I'll go talk to her. Joe: No, let me. Demi sat down and looked at me with questioning eyes. I walked into her room and she crying while packing her suitcase. Joe: You leaving? Janus: Yeah. Joe: Where you gonna go? Janus: My house. I'll stay with my mom. Joe: I thought she didn't care. Janus: She doesn't. Joe: So, why would you go somewhere, where no one cares but you? Janus: Mr. Jonas, I don't belong here. I mean this is all a fairytale. Girl's father dies, mother doesn't give 2 shits, she moves in with her rockstar boyfriend and was about to marry him. Look, I appreciate all that you've done for me but I just can't be in a world where your status is all people care about. Joe: Ah, so I take it you've met the 4 bitches from across the lane, Lilli, Destiny, June, and Miranda. Janus: They were at Alex's party. Joe: You know I felt this way before. Janus: You? No way, you are the biggest star ever. Joe: But before all of that we were underdogs, travelling in a 2 vans all across the US playing shows of about 500 people. My brothers and I weren't always stars. We were dropped by our label and then Hollywood Records picked us up and made us stars and then we left and became bigger stars. Janus I went to my first VMA in 2006 and I was the underdog. I mean Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and many more stars, all in one room together and here I was in my ripped converse, Ed Hardy sweater and Ed <b>…</b>

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