Not really into her, what should I do?

Asked: Not really into her, what should I do?

For the first time in my life, somebody is actually showing me she is interested in me. We met on a dating site, and we eventually met in person. She's nice, but I'm not really interested in her, because I think she's not my type. She's a little overweight, and I have absolutely nothing against it. It's just that I'm not that desperate to accept anybody that comes my way, for the sake of having a girlfriend. Last night we had a date that went fairly well.

But I had to leave after having drinks with her, because I had to meet my friends someplace else. She asked if she could come along, and I did my possible to reject that idea. She texted and said she wants to hang out with me more, because I think she has high hopes our date will turn into a relationship something I don't want at the moment. I don't want to hurt her, but I also don't want to make her believe we will be a couple. An advice or some experiences you had will be much appreciated. Thank you.


I think you should meet in person again and talk to her. Probably say you are not looking for a relationship and if you want to, say you would just like to stay friends for now.
Just tell her u want to go slow… That u didn't think of dating turning into a relationship so fast and that ur not ready for it… And if she agrees to give u ur space and later after multiple dates u really like her… Then u can take it further… U have to remember that ppl can't read ur mind and they need to hear exactly what u feel whether they like it or not

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