No one answered before, does anyone have advice?

Asked: No one answered before, does anyone have advice?

My story is very extreme. Here it is: I got raped in March by a guy I was rebound dating after the first boyfriend of my life (at 22 yrs old) cheated on me (actually had an entire other girlfriend) and literally spit in my face and broke my skateboard in half when I found out. I sent 1 line to the other girl which simply said "Is [insert name here] your boyfriend?" and the next time we ran into each other he literally spit in my face.

Well fast forward to getting brutally raped by this other guy and going through that.

Well then fastforward to June I move to a new apartment and move in with this guy who ends up becoming my best friend in the world and we hang out every day. Initiallly he told my friend he liked me then we really got to know each other I told him about my rape and stuff like this and then he and I just became 100% just friends…..

well until 3 months later we're drinking (just beer though!) and he kisses me. It was the best kiss of my life. He starts fingering me and then he wants to have sex. I wanted to talk before that would happen, it was kind of awkward to stop it though and I don't know if he felt rejected. But when I finally really stop him he goes "Oh my god! I don't know why I kissed you, I'm so sorry. Did I mess with your emotions?" I'm like "No" cause what am I supposed to say. He's like "You don't want me to be like your boyfriend right?" I'm like "No" but it broke my heart cause really I thought yeah!

Then I find out all this **** about him, apparently he is the world's biggest player. I got soooooo mad that I slept with one of his best friends when I got really drunk. He was so perfect to me as a friend and that is not debatable, I used to call him crying when I was sad and he would calm me down better than anyone. But why the **** did he kiss me when he KNEW better than anyone what I've been through and that I only believe in monogamy???

After I slept with his friend there began a rift between us. He started showing his asshole side (which I never saw AT ALL before) and saying lewd things like I'd rather **** a pornstar than a regular girl. UM WTF???? And just giving me attitude here and there. I told him to get the **** out of my life. He said "I'm not going to get out of your life!!" Well then I freaked out and forced him out.

Then 2 months of no talking I apologize to him on facebook. A day later he comes to my apartment and hangs out with my roommates?? I was too shy to see him, I keept waiting for him to knock on MY door. Finally I said his name out loud and i know i said it loud but he ignored me!!! I wrote him on facebook after that saying I still miss him and why did he come over just to ignore me!!!!

Well yesterday I cussed him out cause it was a week since he came over and there is a lot of **** btwn us. I feel like either he cares and we're gonna work through it but I'm not gonna wait a whole ******* week for him to keep coming around. DO U THINK IF HE REALLY CARED ABOUT ME HE WOULD JUST ******* FACE IT ALL AND FIGHT HARDER TO BE IN MY LIFE AGAIN????


You need Jesus cause your life is ****** up.

Imma pray for you.

It doesn't sound like any of your friends are reliable. I think you should cut all ties with them and do your own thing and don't befriend anyone. Especially if you are unable to hang around with people better people.
no, especially with a reputation for being a player.

the fact that he stopped himself and asked about your emotions, shows he had your best interest in mind, in some strange way that you or i probably wouldnt understand.

sometimes a man has trouble getting over their pride. so we secretly run away. by pretending it never happened, and trying to make ourselves look… sooooo "out there" or whatever.. point is. you need to get together, just the 2 of you, somewhere casual and public, so it doesnt escalate to sex, where you can just… walk thru and talk out the pent up emotions.. that way sex doesnt ruin it! it will be a bonus at the end if it gets that far! or in that direction?

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