NFL Fantasy Football Conundrum?

Asked: NFL Fantasy Football Conundrum?

So I'm in a NFL fantasy football league, and my friend has just issued me a few trades:

If I trade Alfred Morris and Kevin Smith, I receive DeAngelo Williams, Michael Turner and Randall Cobb.

Here's my current team:

Phillip Rivers (qb)
Joe Flacco (qb)

Kevin Smith (rb)
Lesean Mccoy (rb)
Matt Forte (rb)
Ahmad Bradshaw (rb)
Alfred Morris (rb)
Mark Ingram (rb)

Steve Smith (wr)
Wes Welker (wr)
Darius Heyward-Bey (wr)

Jermichael Finley (te)

David Akers (k)

Baltimore D
San Diego D

What do you all think?


HAHAHAHAHAHA fantasy football conundrum? What is this, Steven Hawkings fantasy football league?

But seriously, yes that is a good trade to do. NEVER trust a running back on the redskins. Mike Shannahan is famous for using one running back this week, and then never giving them another carry. Its happened a lot of times before.

I wish for you to have a gracile week and to destroy your opponent like a Leveret

Dude dont trade for.more rb…. you need wr help bad!!! Why do you have so many rb? 2 of which are worthless to even have on a team. Ingram smith. Drop them and try and trade forte hes gonna be injury prone and bush.can beat him for the starting job.

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