Neil Strauss Video Course Part 4; Full

The Annihilation Method Part 4

Working Clubs and Bars

I’ve said this before; Hit the club early & go around and meet everyone. As soon as you see a group of girls or girls and guys walk using the 3 second rule. Just say, “Hey, what’s up? You girls having fun tonight? Well, I’m Dave. Who are you? Ok, let’s see if I can remember all your names. Test me later. I’m might test you too!” Hint: Actually, remember the names! After someone tells you there name talk about it for a minute. Ask the meaning. Mention you have a cousin by that same name.

So, the point is you don’t have to stay in set. Just walk around and get social-proofed. By the time crowds start coming in people are already calling out your name and coming over to test your name-memory skills. The guys from the group will be patting you on the back and calling out your name too because you befriended them.

Prepare For Success

Before you go out have some interesting things that you’d like to get girl’s opinions on. These are your openers. Make them topics that you’re actually interested in so you can be congruent when you ask them.. Unless you’re a really great actor. Hint: Actually, you can get excited about just about any topic if you put excitement in your body language and tone and decide to have fun.

The Big Question, Time Constraints, and Rooting

One important thing when you’re interacting with a group is to ask them how they all know each other. This way you can find out who’s the boyfriend, who’s the brother, and who’s the friend. This is The Big Question and you will ask it in every set. Never forget this question. Don’t assume that the guy sitting next to the girl you want is her man. Ask!

Another reason you ask why they know each other is to get them talking in order to find common points of interest. Then you can chit-chat for a moment and begin demonstrating value with some cool stories and fun games.

Bottomline: When you approach a group of girls with an opinion-opener reassure them that you can only stay a moment, this is a time-constraint (it can always change if things go well), tell them why you’re asking (rooting), and get their opinion.

Next, tease them about their answer and move on. Don’t get stuck on a topic until it goes stale. Don’t ask their permission to ask, don’t excuse yourself or apologize for approaching, and don’t be timid. Exude confidence and don’t give up easily. You’re now hip to the Rules Of The Game and that means speaking with you is a privilege.

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