Neil Strauss Using “Pickup” On Jessica Alba

Neil Strauss Mackin’ On Jessica Alba

A few of the “Pickup Gems” in this interview

Neil tells Jessica Alba He’s not available!

This was probably just for demonstration purposes, but it’s actually very effective to tell girls you’re not available at first for three reasons.

1. For one thing it lowers their defenses.

2. Secondly, it gets their competitive juices flowing.

3. Finally, you can always clear it up later i.e. “I didn’t think you were my type at first, but now that I’ve gotten to know you a little I kinda like you.” Or “I’m dating a few girls, but nothing too serious.”

He got Britney Spears number!

The way he did this was by demonstrating authority over her world. He started telling her things about her body language and what it said about her. Specifically, he began telling her about her eye movements and what they meant or “eye accessing cues”:

1. Up and to the left means you’re remembering something visually

2. Up and to the right means you’re constructing something visually (Imagining or maybe… lying!)

3. To the left is remembering sound

4. To the right is constructing sound

5. Down and to the right is accessing a bodily feeling or emotion (touch/taste/smell/emotions)

6. Down and to the left is accessing internal dialogue (“I should’ve known better”, “Told you so”, “Yes, I did it!”

This is just a summary of eye accessing cues. If you want to actually use it to demonstrate authority over a girl’s world and tell her some cool stuff about herself you should probably google “eye accessing cues” and study it more. Good luck!

He made Jessica Alba “qualify” herself

Given, they’re on national T.V. and she’s being nice. But a key to attracting beautiful women is to make them sell themselves TO YOU and prove that they meet YOUR standards! This is an important rule of the game called “qualification”.

You have to communicate to women that their looks are only enough to get your attention, but not enough to keep it. You have to show women that you have standards and THEY have to show YOU that they meet those standards.

David Gideon

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