Neil Strauss Full Dating Course Part 3

The Annihilation Method Part 3

Vocal Projection

One key to displaying your best self is the way you talk. Talk loud without yelling. Learn to project your voice in a confident yet relaxed tone. Why? Let’s say you’re talking to a group of girls in a club. If they can’t hear you guess what’s gonna happen.. Of course, they will immediately lose interest and attraction. What if one of them can’t hear you? You’ll probably lose the whole group. Vocal projection is key for sparking attraction with gorgeous ladies.

Speak from your diaphram.. To see what this feels like lay down and talk. Breathe deeply before you speak so your lungs will have the power to project the air through your larynx. And, most importantly, don’t be afraid of being heard.

Part of speaking with volume and power is confidence. If you’re afraid to be heard by women just because they look a certain way or to express your opinion in fear that girls might not agree (sigh) then, of course, you’ll talk in a timid and weak tone. Be confident in who you are. Be opinionated, yet positive and willing to change your opinion if a better one comes your way.

Now let’s break down the first two letters of Neil’s L.A.S V.E.G.A.S system. The eight letters stand for eight traits that are necessary to create attraction with beautiful women and get the dates you deserve.


L is for looks

This isn’t about physical looks. It’s about grooming and a fashion-awareness that sets you apart from the generic, boring mob. You want to belong to a group that girls belong to, want to belong to, or wants to visit.

You should choose your “look” based on who you are as a person. Are you a rocker? Are you in to hip hop? Are you a GQ kinda guy? Let your look be an expression of your interest and a message to the type of people you’re interested in.

A is for adaptability

This includes a sense of humor, intelligence, an exciting personality, & spontaneity. An attractive woman should be able to introduce you to her parents & still know you can be “Tiger” in the bedroom. She should be able to see you being crude prankster with your friends, yet know you’ll be charming when she introduces you to her friends.

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