Neil Strauss Full Course Part 2

The Annihilation Method Part 2

Being in the moment

When you’re in the field you must be in the moment. Don’t think about what is going to happen next. Don’t worry about rejection or negative scenarios. Actually, visualize everything going great right before you approach a girl/group and then approach. Expect them to like you, expect them to be receptive because they should be. Let this be your new model of the world.

The Danger Of Friends

If, at this moment, you’re not good with meeting, attracting, and dating beautiful women and you want to change… your friends will hold you back. You must begin hanging with some guys that are on your same path and guys who have already arrived at the destination you want. Once you have made the changes you want your friends will accept it.. but they won’t help you get there.

Realize: You sucking with women makes your friends feel good about whatever their situation is. You must make this journey without them.. with new friends and mentors. For your old friends the ideal you is not the “real” you and it isn’t the “you” that they’re comfortable with. Therefore, they will try to stop you, discourage you, etc. It’s not that they are being malicious.. it’s just that they don’t want to lose you. Understand that, yet take appropriate action nevertheless.

First Impressions

Style matters more than substance… at first. Keep in mind that before you walk up to a woman she has already seen you and formed a first impression. Yes, you can turn anything around, but why make life more difficult. Pay attention to your personal style, grooming, body language, and your social proof.

David Gideon
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