Neil Strauss Dating Course Part 9

The Annihilation Method Lesson 9

The lying game. This is a cool game based on eye-accessing cues. The key to this game is understanding that the eyes move in different directions when accessing memory than when constructing an idea. In other words, a person will look to the right when remembering something and to the left when making something up.. or visa versa in some cases. Or her eyes may swim around in different directions for the lie…

The key is to look for variance. So, you can tell the beautiful girls you’re gaming that you’re going to play the lying game together. You’ll tell her to think of 5 things about a certain person in her life, i.e a sibling or parent, and one of them should be a lie. If her friends are around you can tell them the secret to get them in on the fun.. Just make them promise not to tell.

Tell her to think of the 1st thing.. 2nd.. 3rd.. etc. Her eyes should move in the same direction for all of the questions but one.. and that one is the lie!

If you want to use this as an opportunity to tease her a little then feel free to not tell her how you did it. If she really wants to know arrange a later date and tell her you’ll tell her then. It’s ok to maintain a little mystery for a time. This will also get her excited about seeing you again.. not because of the secret, but because you’re fun.

The lying game #2: For this one just ask the girl to tell you three things she did today and to make one of them a lie. To detect the lie all you have to do is blitz her with fast questions about each thing she told you. You might detect the variance in her eye movements when she lies, but just use this as a clue… Her stumbling will confirm the lie fully.

Like I said, after she’s told you all three things blitz her with fast questions about each one. For example, what time did you do it, who were you with, what did you order, what did you say, etc.. The questions don’t matter. Say them fast and she’ll trip up on the lie. Also look for breaks in eye contact… this is another clue that she’s trying to construct a story.

This is the same thing they do when you go through customs.. What are you doing here? What’s your job? Where are you staying? How long will you be here. They ask them fast and they’re not looking for specific answers.. They’re looking for you to trip up. Use the same principle.

The most important thing about these games is that you’re leading the interaction. Being a leader is a very attractive and admirable trait so practice doing it with your friends, family members, and the girls you meet. This will not only impress women, but it will make you a better man.

Calibrate as you lead. If a girl can’t do the lying game or doesn’t get it, don’t worry. Cut the conversational thread and move on to something else. Get someone else in the group to participate instead. This is the sign of a good leader with acuity and good perception. Stay positive, keep your frame dominant, and concentrate on being fun and bringing the party. It doesn’t matter if things go as planned or not as long as everyone is having a good time.

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David Gideon

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