Neil Strauss Dating Course Lesson 8

The Annihilation Method Lesson 8

Whatever was funny in second grade is funny again.. to an extent. So go ahead and tell the girl you’re building attraction with that you’re putting her in the pen 15 club. Take a pen, write pen15 on her hand, and of course, it says penis! See how long it takes her to get it. The purpose of silly little games like this is to ease tension with attractive women and create a fun environment where seduction can take place.

Another silly game to play to get any gorgeous lady laughing is the story of the three mice. The first one is blind, the second is dumb, and the last one is deaf. Take an erasable pen, hold her hand palm up, and tell her she has to tell you when to stop. Start drawing a line for the blind mouse.. she’ll say stop & you’ll stop. Do the same for the dumb mouse. On the deaf mouse just pretend like the mouse can’t hear and keep going. Have a laugh and remind her that it washes off. Occasional attraction games like this show that you’re not overly concerned with impressing her or nervous about being around her. You’re comfortable enough to tease her and have a little fun at her expense.. Which is rare for a beautiful woman.

Last but not least, Dog Jaw. After you’ve been talking for a few minutes ask the girl you’ve approached if she’s ever had dog jaw before. She’ll say “what?” and you’ll touch your jaw and say, “Dog jaw, see feel right here.” Move towards her and let her touch your jaw… as soon as she touches it bark like a dog! She’ll jump, you’ll laugh, and she will too. Have her go try it on someone else so you can feel closer through a joint-conspiracy. You can actually create the feeling of you and her vs. them.

When you use these juvenile jokes it’s important that you only use one. Otherwise you start to look immature or weird.

One of the best ways to get to know a beautiful girl quickly is by Eliciting Values, which is borrowed from NLP. Tell her to sit next to you and you’re going to ask her three questions and she should answer them honestly.

If her body language seems uninterested or guarded in any way this is a great time to tell her to change it since she’s playing your game. This is good for appearances/ social proof and for her own frame of mind inasmuch as psychology mimics physiology. So, if her legs are crossed away from you you’ll say, “First, better body language, cross your legs towards me.” Or you can just say politely, “Cross your legs towards me…” Believe it or not women actually like to be led by a man who knows what he wants and can still be kind.

Eliciting Values

Question 1
If you had to choose one thing you need to have in your life that would make life worthwhile what would it be? If you can’t get a good answer to this just ask her what she likes to do.

Question 2

And if you had x in your life what would that allow you to do or experience?

Question 3

So if you had the perfect scenario of x in your life and it was_________(use the same words she used to describe the actions or experience this would allow) what feeling would that give you.

If she says something like absolute happiness or some general feeling. Say, “You call it happiness because you don’t know how to describe it, but whatever that feeling is you felt it as you were describing it to me didn’t you?”

She’ll say yes.

Say, “Well, that’s you’re core value and you just fulfilled it. You can die now you’ve come further than most people ever will in three minutes.”(Joke)

So, even though x is important to you your core-value is absolute happiness and x is just a vehicle to lead you to that. Absolute happiness is something that you don’t have words for, but you know the feeling and that feeling is your core value.

So, here’s the 5 minute therapy session, and I’ll be billing you $15 dollars for this, whenever you’re making a decision about a guy, or a job, or a physical activity you should do it with your core-value in mind. Ask yourself if it will bring you closer to that core value or if it will take you further away.

Whoever the attractive girl is you will definitely know a lot more about her after eliciting her values than you did before.

For more information about becoming the man you need to be to in order to meet, attract, and date the quality of girls you really want click here.

David Gideon

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