Need to be a "bad boy" and "jerk". Everyone has someone and i don’t!!! :(?

Asked: Need to be a "bad boy" and "jerk". Everyone has someone and i don’t!!! icon sad Need to be a "bad boy" and "jerk". Everyone has someone and i dont!!! :(? ?

Not trolling here and Im 18 and never had a girlfriend BTW. Oh dont be an ******** and report this because im seeking advice and an answer

After much thought, i've decided im really going to try and put an effort in to change myself into the "jerk and *******" kind of guy. I posted a question earlier and people telling me to "be myself and have confidence" and girls saying they "hate jerks and love nice guys"

I've done research and its proven every girl goes for the jerk on a subconscious level. Which is why you see girls with guys who look like douches all the time. Ive been rejected 7 times and enough is enough, ive decided to change myself completely

I hate being myself and have been raised to respect girls and be a gentleman, but girls hate gentlemen and never date them and if they do they only consider gentlemen after theyre past 30 years old when looks are gone and used up emotionally (not to mention sexually, no guys wants a loose vagina) and no guy wants them. And im not getting leftovers from other guys

Im determined to start changing and i feel im making progress but im asking fellow guys how can i be more of a ***** to women and people in general so I get the girl? Girls dont give me "nice guy" BS as you all sleep with jerks and leave nice guys in the dust, what do they do that turns you on?

AND IF i did ever get into a relationship I wouldnt be able to live with the fact my girl OR wife has had sex with so many others and I haven't. So basically im just a number and would be compared with other guys in terms of performance and size. So I get a girl who has sex with a number of guys and im just supposed to be fine with that?

I wish i had to money to surgically alter my face something fierce and change myself completely. Decided im opening up a savings account for surgery on my vocal chords to deepen or lower my voice, OR try and get some testosterone from sources or something because I'm tired of myself, part of me wants to take steriods in which I'm most likely going to since i know a guy who will get me some.



this is what you do

punch her, punch punch punch
go get em tiger

Babe heres the thing with us girls in high school we tend to say we want a gentlemen but tend to chase these bad boys. Dont change because of that the bad boys may get all the girl but usually amount to nothing because their focus on their swag and their hos in the future youll be sorry you changed and also hun think about the girls that your aiming for are they the bad girls or the good girls like you if you aim for bad bitches and your a nice guy your doing the samething their doing to you. Their might be this young lady into you meanwhile you chase bad girls.
Dude just chill lol……your 18 and if you want to hook up all the time go to clubs and bars it's almost to easy.

Im 19 by the way and like you i have never had a girlfriend and i don't really mind but that's just me.

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