Need some important advice about this girl I like. Can anybody help?!?

Zman428 Asked: Need some important advice about this girl I like. Can anybody help?!?

I used to talk to this girl for 3 months until about a month ago she started talking to another guy…they now date. However, this girl still tries to contact me regularly….and most of the time it's when she is pissed at her boyfriend. She often tells me that she is about to give up on their relationship but she has done this about 4 times and is yet to break up with her boyfriend. I feel like she is playing with my emotions a little bit and hoping to have me as a back up. I try to get over her but every time i start making any progress she messages me and starts talking about how she and her boyfriend is having problems so I get excited. I feel like I should say something to her. What should I do? I still like this girl.


minis Answered:
well i think that she sees you as her best friend she probably just wants you to listen to her she wants to to hear her out (im sorry to say that she might not like you)
BadGal Answered:
Shes just playing with your emotions. shes keeping you as backup just in case things dont work out with her bf. find someone better that really likes you

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