Need some guy advice…?

Asked: Need some guy advice…?

So there's this guy that I've had a complicated relationship with. Last summer we started off as friends, but he wanted an actual relationship. I really liked him, but was hesitant because we would be going to different schools. In the end, we never dated (he asked me out through a text message…)
Now this summer, somehow we still talk and are friends. He says how I'm his "best friend" and wants to hang out, but whenever I try to make plans he comes up with these lame excuses and cancels on me. It makes me upset how I make him a priority and I'm just a second option to him (he has a "girlfriend"). I get so frustrated with him, I even wrote a letter to vent all my emotions. Should I give this to him or would it be childish?

I've given him so many chances, but now I feel like the stupid one. What should I do? :/


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