Need Relationship Advice… Please Help.?

Asked: Need Relationship Advice… Please Help.?

First off, lets start with some background information: I'm 18 and a senior in high school, I have a lot on my plate at the moment but of course like every other teenage girl I have boy problems. Starting off in my Sophomore year, I started dating a boy named Tyler. He was wonderful to me and I never had a relationship that hip that lasted over a couple weeks until I met him.. We stayed together for about and year and 3 months. Then he started acting distant, when he said he needed space and wanted to break up, of course I tried to fight it at first, but then let him go still wanting him to be happy. Even if that meant not having him. Then ever since he has been coming back to me, saying he misses me and that he was confused. The problem is I have been waiting this whole time for him to want me and again but now that he does, it's different. I met someone else, named James. He is really nice and funny and I have the best time when I am around him. I thought I could finally feel content again after we starting dating. Then Tyler decides he wants to be a part of my life again. He told me he wishes things would have happened differently. He says the reason he needed space was because he was becoming to dependent on me..not because he was tired of me. I never knew any of this and the sad thing is I don't know what to believe. I love him, I think I truly do. At first I told myself not to fall for his games like before, so I tried to continue my relationship with James. The thing is, I started to find faults in James and excuses to not hang out with him. I feel like its my mind telling me something. Which comes to the question: Should I pick James, the really nice guy even if I keep trying to talk myself out of it? Should I pick Tyler who I love and care for and has been my best friend for 3 years? Or should I tell both of these guys I don't want them and just worry about finishing up high school?


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