Need advice please!!?

Asked: Need advice please!!?

Me and my boyfriend got into a fight one night two days later he broke up with me he said it had nothing to do with what we fought about the fight just made him think about things and pushed him to break up with me…. I thought he broke up with me because I basically smothered him we were together 24/7 and did everything tg he never had alone time but he told me that wasn't it he can deal with that he wanted to always be with me … When he broke up with me he told me he needed space because he has a lot of important decisions to make in his life and he couldn't Handel being in a relationship rn … His parents live out of state and he is in the middle of tryin to find a college to transfer too so i get he does have a lot on his plate especially living on his own but its been like that since we started dating…. He told me he doesnt know what to do and he needs space because this relationahip waa sucking the life out of him its all he cared about and all he could think about 24/7… When i told him that doesn't make sense if he cared that much he would want to be with me and that he Must of fell out of love with me at somepoint he responded by saying he has not fell out o love with me hes in love with me he knows that much but he thinks this is healthy rn… He told me he doesn't want me to wait for him because he doesn't know if it'll be a month 2 months 2 years etc…. We were tg almost 2 years …. It's been about a month since we broke up now… 1 week before he broke up with me he spent 500$ on my bday present which makes me even more confused he said that's because he didn't have intentions of breaking up with me …. It's really bothering me because I'm in love with him and want to be bak together with him but I don't want to seem desperate any advice on what to do to get bak with him or do I even have a chance of getting bak together with him?!? Pleasee help


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