Need a better #2 RB!!! HELP!!!?

Asked: Need a better #2 RB!!! HELP!!!?

Dont feel at all confident relying on D. Williams as my #2 RB.Any suggestions on what who I might able to deal him for, straight up or package deal?

Any other feedback on my team would be appreciated.

12 team league
QB – Peyton Manning
Wide Receiver – AJ Green
Wide Receiver – Vincent Jackson
Running Back – Mcfadden
Running Back – Deangelo Williams
Tight End – Vernon Davis
Flex- Randall Cobb
Kicker – Matt Bryant
Defense – Philly

Bench -Wes Welker
Bench – David Wilson
Bench – Mario Manningham
Bench – Russel Wilson
Bench – Dexter McCluster


I wouldnt feel comfortable with him either. I would probably play McCluster this week and hope Wes Welker have a big week and send him in a trade for a solid #2 RB…

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