Mystery Method Touch Escalation Tips

Mystery’s Kino Techniques

This video is from one of Mystery’s live workshops.

It’s related to my 5 Steps To Getting The Kiss post and How To Kiss Models videos. I talked about the Trust Test and how to escalate touching in your interactions with women.

When Mystery refers to kino, he means kinesthetic or touching. By the way, A1 and A2 are divisions of the attraction phase in the Mystery Method. IOI and IOD are indicators of interest and disinterest, respectively.

Keep in mind that whatever a girls initial state is it can be changed. Just because a girl starts out disinterested in you doesn’t mean she has to stay that way.

Keep leading the interaction, keep displaying value, stay positive, be persistent, and you can turn any situation around. Just make sure you don’t waste too much time on any one girl. Your mindset should be to hurry up and find out if the girl you’re talking to is cool because there’s lots of other girls there for you to meet. Sometimes the best thing to do when dealing with a rude hottie is to politely excuse yourself and open a nearby set immediately. This is the best thing to do for your overall success and for turning things around with that particular girl.

This will give you social proof to the girls you just left and spark interest… They’ll be thinking, “Who is this guy? Maybe we misjudged him. And the fact that you left on a positive note makes it easier for you to reinitiate and try again later.

Remember: Whenever a set isn’t progressing like you want you can leave open another group of girls and then try again later. If possible, keep doing this until the girl you want allows you to progress or leaves the venue.

Good luck,
David Gideon

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P.P.S. I vouch for Mystery and his products 110%. If you’re serious about getting good with beautiful women you better get to know him. You will not be disappointed when you do.

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