Mystery Method Goes Primetime

Mystery Method On Primetime ABC

The thing I noticed about Mystery’s student, Joel, is that he’s nervous. It doesn’t matter what you’re saying if you’re nervous, nothing you say will come across smooth or natural! You could be droppin’ game like Don Juan, but if you’re nervous it won’t come across right. The girls will sense something is “off” about you.

Maybe even more important, is Joel’s voice. He needs to lower his pitch and project his voice. This can be done by breathing deeply and speaking from your diaphram. Try it. However, Joel has the heart of a lion. He is definitely doing the right thing here by trying again and again and again so he can eventually become congruent.

Another problem is when Joel goes up and ask his question he doesn’t root it. In other words, he should say, ” ..Because my friends over there (point to last group of girls approached) think you should floss first, which is ridiculous.”, or something like that. Rooting is something dealt with in depth in Mystery’s products.

One more thing he either forgets or they don’t show (sorry Joel, lol) is the time constraint. He needs to say, “Hey, I need a female opinion, I can only stay for a second, but… ” By the way, I’m sure Joel tried to do all this stuff. Those damn editors at ABC just cut it out in their burning jealousy.

If you don’t give a time constraint the girls will be too distracted wondering how long you’ll stay (‘IF’ you turn out to be boring). So free their mind from worry by telling them. You can always stay longer if things go well, which they eventually will with practice.

When Mystery is shown sitting with the girl dancing next to him they bring in audio of him negging her. This seems a little out of context since you can’t hear the girl. However, the point about negging is that if a girl is thinking she’s higher status than you she won’t be attracted. The solution is to change her focus to those things that will bring her back to reality i.e a status slightly lower than yours. Why? Because women are attracted to higher status men the same way men are attracted to pretty faces and bangin’ bodies!

We all have things we can focus on to make us feel higher or lower status, right? Ok, so if the girl is a 10 (wannabe model quality) that means guys have probably been boosting her ego wayyyyy too much. You might have to re-shift her focus and bring her back down to earth with a few negs, know-wat-I’m-sayin.

Now please, don’t go around “negging” average looking girls… even on cute girls this may backfire. If the girl is smokin’ hot and acting like she’s out of your league then you can try it. Just show her you’re not impressed with her looks that much. Search for attractiveness beneath the surface and make it clear that’s what you’re about… (‘Cause you should be..) and she’ll be very intrigued.

Also, part of Mystery method is the process of qualifying the girl. Meaning, you genuinely tell her whenever she says or does something you don’t like and show your interest when she says or does something you do like. I believe he was doing a combination of both negging and qualifying in his interaction with the dancing girl.

One more thing about Mystery’s interaction; you can’t see his face clearly, but he is smiling. This is to indicate that he’s teasing the girl. Yes, he’s cocky and confident, but he’s never mean.

The key is, you don’t go along with whatever a girl says or does. You have high standards and she’s gonna have to meet them… This is very attractive to a woman

David Gideon
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