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Club game

A great way to introduce yourself into a group in a club is to say, “Hey, scooch over, I can only stay a minute.” Then tell them you’re having a debate with your friends(rooting the openers) and ask them for a female opinion.

THE KEY to this is to be totally relaxed. Now, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that being totally relaxed when you do this is such an impressive display of confidence with women that it will win almost any one of them over. The bad news is that you can only get this kind of relaxed confidence through repeated exposure.

If you do this and you get some smart-ass comment from one of the girls that’s great! It gives you a chance to use teasing to spark attraction as you neg that girl first.. this is a game of wit, having a better answer, and showing resilience under pressure. Just maintain a positive attitude and keep talking.. Be persistent about getting the result you want OR learning so you can self-correct and do better next time. Both of these will help you become a better man.

All you need is a few default things to say to get you started.. Here’s a few:

1.You are such a brat! Anyway….(continue thread)
2.Is she always like this?
3.You can dress her up, but you can’t take her anywhere.
4.Ha ha, good one. (smile and keep going)
5.You probably, harassed all the boys you liked in grade school, didn’t you? (back to topic)

Don’t wait until you meet the girl of your dreams to try this. Start practicing and being social now… That way when you finally see the girl of your dreams you’ll have the relaxed confidence necessary to show her your true worth.


You might be thinking that these opinion openers are a little bit deceptive. You’re telling a girl that you’re having a debate with your friends when you’re really not.. you’re just making an excuse to chat with her.. Wrong! Who said anything like that?

When I see a girl I’d like to meet I’ll purposely ask my friends their opinion on something interesting. Then I’ll walk right over to the girl I want to meet and ask her opinion on it. This comes across as very congruent since it’s totally sincere and authentic.

Once you learn to live a purpose driven life and become totally comfortable interacting with women you WILL no longer fail your sets. Does this mean you’ll get every girl every time? Of course not. What it means is that you will almost always create a good impression with women, win people over, and open new doors of possibility.. Even if it’s a great new friend. Yes, guys and girls can be friends!.. Girls are actually human beings first & foremost.

It’s not always logistically possible to take things further with every girl every time. And depending on a woman’s current situation she may not be open to anything at that moment with anyone new or, perhaps, anyone at all. However, with beautiful women who are single and available you will be able to consistently create possibilities to take things further with the attractive women.

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David Gideon

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