myRotterdam: 40000 eurocenten

Om deze video te begrijpen moet je eerst onderstaande video bekijken van RTV Rijnmond, de regionale zender. In order too understand the reason for this video, you need to look at another video first from RTV Rijnmond (the regional TV-station). RTV Rijnmond video: ===== English synopsis of the above mentioned video: 40000 coins (1 eurocent) were scattered on the Rijnhavenbridge in Rotterdam on wednesday 6-feb-2013. This was an artproject (due to artweek in Rotterdam) by artist Daan den Houter and had previously been preformed in other cities such as Lisbon (Portugal) and Munich and Cologne (both in Germany). The general public was not made aware of this project in advance, so they had no clue as to the reason. The behaviour of the people were being observed via hidden cameras. Are they tempted to pick them up? Even when they see it's just a 1-eurocent-coin (smallest currency value)? Or will they leave it? After all… you need need to pick up 200 coins just to buy a beer…. is that worth the effort? ===== This video was made by me today on the 7th (it's close to where I work), because I was curious. There were still quite a lot of coins there, allthough I don't think it added up to 40000 pieces. A lot has been picked up already. In fact some guy was picking them up with a magnetised stick so he did not need to bend or kneel down.

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