My heart is breaking, "GIRLS" advice please?

Justin Asked: My heart is breaking, "GIRLS" advice please?

I met this girl at the start of the school year and we've been friends ever since, she has the most beautiful eyes and personality I've ever seen and she's been on my mind a while now. She had a boyfriend in which they were together about a year but last night she changed "In a relationship" to "Single" on Facebook, my only way to talk to her because I don't have a phone atm. I really like this girl, I'm always thinking about her even at Football practice and it makes my day just to see her beautiful face and know that she's okay. But yesterday this guy that says she is his "bestest friend" pulled her aside while we were walking to this cookout thing and said some stuff and I didn't really hear it but I 'THINK' I heard him say something like "I like you so much" and I'm concerned that she will go out with him.

Wednesday she asked me to skip 6th period and stay in 5th with her, so I did. The next day as I was getting up to go to 6th she asked "Where are you going?" and I said "To 6th" and by this time we were looking in each others eyes and she said "Don't go" with kind of a sad tone. Friday, I brought a deck of cards because we had one Wednesday but not Thursday and it was fun playing some games. When I sat down and we decided what to play, she sat next to me and while we were playing I could see her cards so I peeked over a little and then we looked in each others eyes again and then after a few games that I won(we were playing with multiple people in class) some people left and she excluded herself from the circle and I asked if she would keep playing because I didn't really know any of those other people, they were her friends. Again, we were looking into each others eyes and she said "Okay" and sat back next to me, then we started playing again. The problem is, I have no way to talk to her and stuff except Facebook which she doesn't use that often, and I asked her "Would you like to go to the beach or something sometime?" and she said "Yeah that sounds fun, actually" this was before she changed her relationship status to Single. I already told her I liked her before her bf moved 3 hours away, she said "That was a lot to process" he has broken up with her twice and she went back, I'm hoping she broke up with him because he was always yelling at her and she would come to class crying sometimes and I would get really irritated because I wanted to beat his *** but it would make her feel worse, so I let it go. I know she deserves better and I can give that to her, because I've never had a gf and I get told all the time I'm sweet and nice etc. I have asked this question before she put her relationship status Single and I hear a lot that this should be a movie or a love story. I really love this girl, it's not High School bullshit, I've never felt this way about anyone or anything and I don't know how I can express it, I want to take her to the beach and have a good time to get her mind off things and then take her out to dinner and then tell her after I drive her home how I feel and if she feels the same. Because I don't want the car ride home to be weird if she doesn't. I guess what I'm trying to get it is, do you think she would give me a shot? She would look at me while talking or explaining something instead of her friends and I think she likes me because she asked me to stay with her in 5th period, instead of anyone else that was leaving. Also I walked her to 6th period a lot and we would laugh and joke along the way, some people even asked if we were dating. We have so much in common, we like almost everything the same, and we joke with internet memes and stuff, but I don't see her really doing it with anybody else. When she looks me in the eyes and smiles, my heart just melts. I hope I get a chance to show her how much I love her and spend my life with her, because nobody makes me feel the way she does. Will she give me a chance? Sorry this is so long, but I appreciate all the answers, thank you.

She said "I guess this is like when a person dies, i'm in the state of "mourning" and maybe later I'll feel different…right now i'm just hurt." and "I'll have to get back to you about the whole beach thing some other time…" I know she needs time to heal, but I want to show her that there are nicer people and stuff.


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No girl in her right mind is going to read all of that.
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