My Girlfriend’s Brain

My Girlfriend's Brain is based on over 30 years of research, simplified into a 10 question simulation. The purpose of all this is to give some fun insight into your girlfriend's thinking preferences and equip you, as the boyfriend, to better understand your girlfriend and increase the chances of a successful relationship. Interested? This App is available on Itunes: We are also very excited about "My Boyfriend's Brain" which will be released in the foreseeable future! what this space. If all else fails, it can help the boyfriend see the type of girlfriend(s) he's been dating. Fun, quirky, but packed with solid advice. A couple of minutes to better insight into your relationships and girlfriends. The app asks 10 questions, with each question having 4 possible answers. All you have to do is to rank these answers from your first choice to last, by dragging or clicking them, for each question, and voila! Your Girlfriend's Brain!

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