my girlfriend loves going for walks any advice?

Asked: my girlfriend loves going for walks any advice?

i want a way to spice it up or something… walking isn't that bad.. but when you've been dating for 7 months and you see each other everyday and that's the ONLY thing she likes doing, it gets kinda boring, well, not boring more like over excessive or continuous.. before anyone answering this question says go do **** with her, we've already done things on the walks, we cant really go anywhere like movies or ice cream because shes lactose intolerant and plus her parents don't really know we are dating since she doesn't want her too and that im somewhat of a family friend… and they'll limit where we go and what we do. Anyways i just want a way to make our walks better because she wont buckle to do anything else, help? there's like absolutely no way to make her budge but ill try every answer i get (unless its stupid or something)


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