My girlfriend got mad at me and we got into a fight…Confused…Need Advice?

Asked: My girlfriend got mad at me and we got into a fight…Confused…Need Advice?

Okay, so let me explain something really quick. About a week ago, this girl who is in 8th grade approached me and asked me to tutor her in English. Why she chose me? No idea, but I told her I would. So, I have been tutoring this girl for the past week everyday and I will admit we have become somewhat friends. Well, since I have been tutoring and hanging out with her when it gets later at night, we will go down somewhere and get something to eat or take a break and do something fun.

Well, tonight, this girl and I were studying prepositional phrases (oh, joy.) and we decided to go down and get some pizza from this really good pizza place that is a few blocks a way from my house. Well, we walked over and we got we ate and half way through…my girlfriend walks in with one of her girlfriends. Now, I was already in some trouble, because usually I call/text her everyday or do something (we were BFF's before I started dating her and we did this then too) and I hadn't done anything in almost 4 days, even though she has been calling/texting/emailing me everyday. So, when she walked in I didn't think anything of having this 8th grader with me and I waved her over. At first I knew she was excited, but then she looked really angry (I can tell because she scrunched her nose). She came over and asked to speak to me…in private. I of course obliged and she dragged me out to the parking lot.

She asked me who the *ell that was and why she was her with me. I told her the truth and told her I was tutoring this girl. She got really mad and asked me why I didn't answer my phone or text her back or even bothered to open my emails. I told her I was really busy tutoring this girl and that I didn't have time. And then she asked me if I was cheating on her. I of course denied it and I was starting to get pretty upset now (because she was angry with me and I HATE it when she is upset and I really don't like being accused). And then she started to rant on about how she thinks I think that girl is more beautiful than her (trust me. My girlfriend is really REALLY beautiful), and smarter and that I should just dumper her for this 8th grader. I just listened to her for 5 or so minutes and finally had enough and yelled, "Well, maybe I should dump you." and I left her. She didn't say anything and she didn't chase after me.

I told this 8th grade girl that we would have to cut this tutoring session short, because I was not in the mood to talk or be around anyone. She understood, thankfully, and left me alone. I am literally so confused. Why would my girlfriend think I am cheating? Its not like I was doing anything intimate with this 8th grader or holding her hand or anything. And why would my girlfriend say that I think this 8th grader is prettier than her? I always tell my girlfriend I think she is beautiful. And I know I should have at least texted back 'Hi.' or something, but why did she explode over this now? I know not very many things make her angry or upset, so why is this making her so angry? And she has seen me around other girls. I have two other friends that are girls that I sometimes go out and do things with and she doesn't get mad about it. I am just so confused and I need advice. Thanks.


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