My furnace was red tagged due to improper ventilation?

Asked: My furnace was red tagged due to improper ventilation?

It was red tagged in may. I gave paper to landlord. She rolled her eyes and I figured I'd cross thar bridge when I got to it. In September my utilities were more than I could afford. Almost $400 for a 1 bedroom apartment! I chose to pay the utility bill and get an eviction notice. When I went to get my paper work I was chatting with the server about having no heat BC the gas company red tagged furnace. She pointed to a lawyers number on the paperwork, so I called him. I told him how I have no heat that my furnace is red tagged, turns out its the landlords lawyer. So two days before the eviction court date they want to repair everything. By repair I mean simply light my pilot light. On a red tagged furnace. The building manager raised his voice to me saying no one told him it was red tagged but I personally handed the paper to the landlord. And the gas company has it on file, date and all, that my furnace is not to be lit. They've bullied me for 2 days saying these accusations are BS. And finally the maintenance man comes pounding on my door at 7am saying he HAS to light it, or its his ***. I have court in the morning. I'm having him light the damn thing so they'll leave Mr alone. The utility company is sending me a copy of red tag notice. My question is: can they get in trouble for forcing me to let them light a red tagged furnace? This is another reason why I refused to make up back rent.BC. its cold n Illinois. Definitely now in November.and I had no heat. The landlord refused to fix it. Said he'd just light pilot light for me. Is this legal? Do I have a counter claim? They're suing Me for over $1000 in back rent but wouldn't no heat be considered uninhabitable living conditions? Advice, or input. Thanks!


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