My Friend is Dating an Older Guy!

Subscribe to! Non-Expert Advice with Catrific My Friend is Dating an Old Dude! Discopumps asked me this week if I can give any advice on Non-Expert Advice that isn't just "talk to your friend and make it better." I'm not sure if that person is just telling me my advice sucks, but I think it's really important to communicate. So there! But I'm also dishing it out on how to deal with a friend who has a too-old boyfriend and more good stuff in this episode, so be sure to watch above! And be sure to come back every Wednesday at 2pmPT/5pmET for more advice! GOT A QUESTION FOR CAT? Leave it in the comments! Catch a new episode of Non-Expert Advice with Catrific on every Wednesday at 2pm PT! Need more Cat now? Check out: Love Be our BFF! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Get more Cat! Check out her channel! http

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