My boyfriend keeps pressuring me…?

Morgan Asked: My boyfriend keeps pressuring me…?

ok, so we have liked eachother for a long time, and just started dating like 2 weeks ago and is already trying to get me to do stuff that i'm NOT ready to do, and he wont stop no matter how much i ask/tell him to. i realized that dating him is just entering a world of crap i dont want to be involved in, (he has a bad reputation for dating girls) but i really do like him when he isnt talking about that. and also, even though he does talk about other things about 40% of the time, it always seems to be the only thing on his mind. so, what do i do? any advice would help. thanks icon smile My boyfriend keeps pressuring me...?


K Answered:
Tell him to back off.
Youngwildfree Answered:
I would tell him how you feel….first of all how old are you?
julia Answered:
Obviously the boy is too imature to be in a relationship when he can't even keep his pecker in his pants for more than 2 weeks.
fizixx Answered:
Ahh….the bad boy.

You date a bad boy… get a bad relationship.

If you knew better going in, and you did it anyway, then why would I expect you to listen to MY advice if you don't listen to your own?

tamia Answered:
If he continues get out of the relationship. Because if you don't give him what he wants he will get what he want sand then your gonna be sad and have your feelings hurt.
BOP Answered:
You break up with him. Simple as that. A good boyfriend wouldnf pressure you into sodmething. He would respect you for your choice. He's obviously not the one. Sure, you might LIKE him, but honey, I've liked many guys before I soon got over them. One day, you will find someone you will LOVE.and it.doesnt seem like your current boyfriend is the one.
Sun Answered:
Tell him to wait for you. If he really love you, He must wait for you.
Erick K Answered:
He should not be putting you in an uncomfortable position. It's your body and your life so don't let him pressure you into something you're not ready for. Tell him that you want to take things slowly. If he's not ok with that then there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
QT Answered:
You really need to get out of the relationship NOW. people like that don't change. please don't ignore me. this can get really bad if you keep it going. and im telling you if you don't get out of it now, you'll get more and more attached. this has all the signs of what will turn into an abusive relationship. and liking him, 'only when he isn't doing the bad stuff' is useless. i've been there and you can't change him. pleasedont think of this as just another answer. you must get out now..before you aren't able to put yourself through that
Wickham Answered:
Dump him. You've only been dating for two weeks and you're already experienced huge problems that properly won't go away.
Cool guy Answered:
Yeah but i'm really not sure what that thing is that you are talking about…if you think he loves you then explain to him the problem….
antman Answered:
you know what you need to do just tell him you don't want to do those things but i like you as a friend but if you keep trying to make me do something that i don't want to do then we can't be friend,

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