My boyfriend is addicted to video games ?

Asked: My boyfriend is addicted to video games ?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 years, im 17 and he's 18. When we first started dating we would talk every night and once in a while he would go play a game instead of talking to me which I was completely fine with because it wasn't every night. Now every single night he plays games with his friends, he'll talk to them on skype while being with me on the phone. He doesn't talk to me, when I say something to him he doesn't listen to me. I understand that video games is one of his favorite things to do and it's a hobby for him but it's come to the point where I'm coming second to him. He is going into college starting this fall and to me thats growing up and becoming a young adult but he doesn't show it. I love kids and everything but I do not want to be dating one. It would help me if this was just a phase but he told me himself that it probably isn't. I have played games with him before and most I liked but when I play with him most of his friends play as well and he mostly plays with them. It's not like he plays one game all the time, he'll play a game for about a week and then move onto another one and it's an never ending cycle.I don't want to end up getting married someday and I'm the only want who acts like an adult. He's the only person I can actually say I love which makes it incredibly hard to let go. Any advice?


You need to talk to him and tell him how you feel
As long as he has his priorities straight like his grades and your relationship then let him do his thing
this reminds me of the song Videogames by The Midnight Beast. i would dump him. as the song says he prob thinks that 'videogames are better than girlfriends'
get used to it.. guys like video games regardless of their age.. it doesn't make them immature.. you are being unreasonable here.. be thankful thats all it is.. at least he is at home and not out drinking and clubbing like other guys do.. and just so you know the more you complain about him playing the more he is going to do it.. guys are like that..
It's not the video games it's his friends. Bros before hoes. Not saying you are but that's just how it is
If you think he's going to outgrow this, and be a loving, caring husband who spends time with you and the kids, think again. The average age of addicted game players is 35.
Once a cheater always a cheater, once a games addict, always a games addict. It is so exciting, compared to real life, they would rather live there.
Advice: college takes 4 years. don't get married until graduation. don't have kids until married at least 2 years(since many marriages fail at about that time).
It's a good thing you are thinking about this, at age 17.You have NO experience in datingother guys. Just break it off, andstart datingMany girls cry and moan that they didn't date enough, and missed out on everything.Don't be one of them. You have already missed out on 3 years of having fun.
I was in a similar situation, I too dated a man for 3 years who would spend 70 hours a week playing video games. I am also a gamer, but like you, my priorities were in order and it drove me crazy. He told me I was #1 in his book, but his actions spoke otherwise.

There's really only two ways to deal with it, suck it up and join him, or find someone who is better for you. I ended up leaving him which gave him a chance to realize what was really important in his life, though it was incredibly hard, the man I am with now(who also enjoys gaming) knows what is important- I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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