My boyfriend acts way more sexual than before we were going out?

Asked: My boyfriend acts way more sexual than before we were going out?

So I met my boyfriend at school this February and we started casually dating in may. We texted every day over the summer and he was basically my boyfriend except that we never kissed or did anything…..physical. he was always really shy and I could tell that he was kind of awkward and didn't have much experience. He never ever said a dirty joke or acted perverted.

In August, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Ever since then, he acts really perverted and its actually kind of creepy. Less than a week after we started going out, he told me that other girls send him more pictures and I was soo upset because I had no idea that he'd been texting multiple other girls while he knew me. He never came across as the kind of guy who likes perverted jokes and would go behind my back to talk to other girls. His family is always saying he's a bad boyfriend too but they never say why. I have a feeling that he talks to/hangs out with other girls and that that's what his family is referring to when they say he's a bad bf. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and depressed because I feel like he only wants me for sex and I think maybe he's cheating on me. He accused me of cheating once but then said he was just kidding and that he trusts me but I thought that whole conversation was so odd.

Basically idk how to get the old him back. I miss the guy he used to be. He used to be so sweet and would sometimes tell me I'm beautiful but now he only seems to call me hot or sexy. He somewhat says he loves me but doesn't prove it. I know he likes me but I have a terrible feeling in my gut that he's only staying with me for sex and secretly is talking to other girls. I'm afraid to accuse him of cheating bc then ill look like a paranoid ***** and I'm afraid to tell him that I'm waiting for marriage for sex because I'm scared that he'll leave me.

Please do NOT tell me to dump him because that's not good advice. I need advice that's going to HELP my relationship, not end it. Thanks in advance.


He's expecting sex clearly now that you're dating him.
i became more sexual after me and my fiancee started dating.then again i was really sexual to begin with.the fact you are in a relationship means that there should be a mutual understanding that there will be some sexual activities happeningit is only relationship can last if sex is not involved.and if it does, then the relationship is not a healthy is a really big factor in that.

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