My art from 2009 – 2012!

xD Well mostly of it anyways. TwT Have fun laughing at my lol-worthy artsu from 2009 omg. Remember guys, it doesn't matter how "bad" you may think your art is now. Art is NOT NOT NOT NOOOOTTTTTT a natural born gift and those who can draw well were not bestowed the power of magically amazing art from some otherworldly source. Artists become better through DETERMINATION, PRACTICE, AND RESEARCH. Just as pro sports players were not born knowing how to play, artists are not born with the ability to draw well. Please do not ever tell yourself that "i'll never be that good" or "I can't draw" because that isn't true. Everyone has the potential to become a better artist, the difference between them and you is passion and optimism. Some people can grow their skills very fast, but for others it can take a very long time. Either way, I can assure you that no artist in the history of forever was naturally born "great" and the skills they have are the product of serious passion and countless hours spent working, refining, learning, and in time becoming better. Every time you say "I can't draw" is time you could spend learning how to do it. Sometimes I feel like all my art is terrible too, but I know that if I keep working at it that it will get better. So to everyone out there just starting to draw or to those who feel their art is bad, remember that nothing will change unless you take action. You will not get better wishing, whining, or sulking. You must become the change you want to <b>…</b>

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