My 9yo son and boyfriend do not get along?

Asked: My 9yo son and boyfriend do not get along?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years we do live together. My son does see his dad on a regular basis and they have a great relationship. My boyfriend and my son however do not get along very much. They have their moments when theyre great but my son will not take any authority from my BF. If he tries my son runs right pver him and straight up does not listen to him for the most part or get very angry if BF tries to tell him what to do. My BF does not really show affection to my son or do much with him at all. So when BF tries to tell him to do something he just blows him off pretty much or he has to tell him several times before he will listen or just get angry at him for trying. My BF says he will never get respect from him because he looks up to his dad too much and he will never be his dad. My son told my BF once that he was not his dad so he dont have to listen to him and my BF respode dback to him saying "im glad im not your dad". He was mad cause my son was not listening to him and shouldnt have said it. My BF gets angry and will say he does so much for him and then will get crapped on at the same time he doesnt even care. I do understand his frustration. He paid for him to go into football and helps with lots of other stuff…he makes a significant amount of money more than I do so he does put alot into us in that aspect if we need he is on it. This is REALLY putting a strain on our relationship. They can get along so good sometimes and once in a while wrestle around and watch t.v together…but not as much as he tries to be an authority figure. I told BF he needs to try to show more love and affection towards my son first and then he will get more respect once he realizes he really does care. But Bf sais he tried and its probibly never gona happen as i tell him its something that takes him and dedication to build that relationship with him. I have 2 girls ages 11 and 14 that are good with him and just the normal teen attiude and issues but they do listen to him. My Bf has a 6yo son that loves me and we get along great. (his mom is not involved and he lives with us) Its just my son that has the problem with everything. Im hoping I can get some good advice here…tried to explain a big situation as good as I can in so many words…Thanks


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