Muller St-Cyr – May 14th (The Introduction Of Yhalilh)

(Inspiration For The Underdog) On May 14th, 2012 Muller St-Cyr recorded an audio of himself from a park bench that he use to sleep on at a time of him really not wanting to pursue music anymore, and on that day that's when he fully decided he was never going back to that position again, So he went back on his mission of becoming an Artist by recording multiple original tracks and remixing Drake's featuring Lil Wayne Miss Me track and renamed it "May 14th" Introducing his alter ego "Yhalilh" that was made on that day of the recording. Quick Insight: (Yhalilh gives Muller the extra passion to go harder and never forget what he came from but also has a smoother style that Muller St-Cyr when it's time to make tracks for the ladies.) Then using Lil Wayne & Drake on the hooks for inspiration, Muller adds a touch to your heart with his conversational rhyme scheme making you feel and believe that he's directly talking to you. Now, if you've been a fan of Muller St-Cyr then you know clever punchlines and lyrical ability is nothing new to the 20 year old emcee like tracks such as his "Dead Wrong (Freestyle) & his Latest released 2012 original track "Malvo Session" Produced By Uninamise that recently got pick up by The Source Magazines Website, (Check below for link) and many more tracks. But besides that Muller St-Cyr installs a deep message into the song/picture video letting people know that you can accomplish anything you want to in life as long as you believe in yourself and <b>…</b>

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