Mine & my ex’s separation date on the divorce paper is mentioned wrong – will it affect in future? (

Asked: Mine & my ex’s separation date on the divorce paper is mentioned wrong – will it affect in future? (

I separated from ex just after few months & both of us contacted lawyer. After 3 months of our separation, lawyer filed petition for mutual divorce in family court but it was rejected as the judge said one year of marriage haven't completed. Then the lawyer told us that you both have to stay separate for minimum one year then only you can file petition and its a rule as per law. Now me & my ex thought that this way we have to wait for 8 more months & it will get more delayed and so we wanted the divorce to happen Asap. So we asked the lawyer if there is any way it could happen earlier so that both of us can be free & remarry soon?

Trust me at that time I didn't have much knowledge about law. I just depend on lawyer's advice. I just told him pls try if it happens early & so does my ex told him. So he said okay I will do something come to court after 3 months on this particular date (which was 3 days after my 1st marriage anniversary). We went to court on that date. He made petition & asked us to sign. I didn't noticed the separation date & signed it. But later while submitting to judge I noticed it & asked him that you mentioned we separated after 3 days of marriage and this is lie. We separated after few months. He said its okay it doesn't make difference as long as it is mutual divorce & you only said you want divorce early so it was a way, he said it don't make difference it will be mentioned only on petition & just after six months you will get divorce decree so don't worry. My ex didn't hve problem with it but I was confused but when lawyer explained me I thought its okay.

But now I feel that if I find new partner I will tell him I stayed with him for so and so months and incase if he reads copy of my petition & notice that our separation date was 3 days after marriage then will he doubt on me?


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