men’s opinion and advice please?

Asked: men’s opinion and advice please?

so there is this guy I am really attracted to and interested in dating. we have hung out a couple times (once in a group friend setting and once just us at his house). the first time we hung out away from the pool hall/bar at our friends house, we both ended up staying the night and spooning/cuddling all night on the couch together. the night I went over to his house I ended up staying the night and we actually had sex together. I text him a few hours after leaving his house the next morning saying I don't know about you but I enjoyed myself las night, he text me about an hour or two later saying so did he and that he didn't wanna get up this morning. we texted a few times. I am usually the first to text him, and sometimes it takes him hours to respond, other times he don't reply unti the next day. tonight I text him to see what he was doing tonight and he replied back right away and we texted a couple times then I said something about hanging out and he said not tonight im going to bed but maybe tomorrow though. I talked to one of my friends who knows him pretty well she said hes a really sweet guy and hes not the player type and that when it comes to making initiatives and the first move I would have to. she said to just talk to him and see where he sees things going. I can't tell if he has any legit interest in me or not. i want things to turn into more than just a hook-up interest. i kind of think he might be down for that but i just can't tell?!?! what do you guys think?


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