Men — please decode his behavior?

Asked: Men — please decode his behavior?

Dating a guy I bet through mutual friends for two and a half months. We're long distance. He pursued me very heavily, texting up to 20-30x a day, calling, etc. We've met up a few times already and it's been great. He has a friend visiting from out of town last week so I get that he's entertaining. We're in contact nearly every day although I've noticed since last week, his communication has lessened a little. Where before he was consistent about getting in touch with me, it's more sporadic now. There are two days we did not talk and I didn't reach out to him either. Few times he said he'd email me/send me a pic of something and didn't. Yesterday we were in contact a lot and also spoke on the phone over an hour. He told me he'd send me a pic today of something and hasn't contacted me yet. What gives? Am I over-analyzing? I do sense a difference but also know it's only 2.5 month. We are meeting up next week for a getaway at a bed and breakfast ad we spoke about it last night. He's still very flirty with me. I am just wondering…what's up with this behavior? Do I play it cool and let him reach out to me this time? At our getaway do I bring this up and say how I am feeling (I am catching feelings for him). Advice?


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