Meeting boyfriend’s parents for the first time! Help?

Asked: Meeting boyfriend’s parents for the first time! Help?

In about 2 days I'm going to meet my boyfriend's family for the first time and I'm going to have supper with them, but there are a few issues at hand:
1- We have kind of an age difference. I'm 17 and he's 14, so his parents are most likely to freak out because of that! Right?
2- I'm INCREDIBLY shy, but my boyfriend tells me that his parents absolutely HATE shy people! I can't just grow out of it!!!
3- I'm supposed to arrive at his house half an hour before he arrives, so I'll have to spend this time with his mother. Alone. While being incredibly shy.
4- We haven't been dating for that long, and it's going so fast… I just feel like his parents are really going to judge.
5- I'm so scared of messing up, and that makes me stressed, which makes me anxious which renders me SHY. I tell my boyfriend this and he says that I'm freaking out for nothing, but then he tells me (but in different words.) that if I act like myself, his family will hate me.

I just feel like giving up and not going, but that would be awfully chicken of me…
Anyways, I need help, advice, something?


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