Man Urinates On Woman’s Leg After Rejection

Man Urinates On Woman's Leg After Rejection – as part of the news series by GeoBeats. Bad pickup lines aren't the worst things that you can experience at a bar. On July 28th, Timothy Paez was upset after a woman shut down his pick up attempts while at a bar in Boulder. The woman was reportedly standing at the bar when Paez put his arm around her, so she turned and said, "Um, really?". Paez removed his arm and as payback, he exposed his genitals, urinating on the woman's leg. Police arrested Paez under suspicion of public indecency and harassment and state that he admitted to urinating on someone, but wasn't sure on who it was. In November of last year, another party-goer became famous after a tinkle incident. Carmen Tisch entered a Colorado museum and reportedly urinated on a $30 million painting. Tisch claimed she had been doing bath salts, a synthetic drug, and does not remember the embarrassing event. She says "I`m an artist myself. I`m sorry. I`m ashamed about what happened."

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