Majorrrrrr Boyfriend Problem PLZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!?

Asked: Majorrrrrr Boyfriend Problem PLZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!?

okay….sorry if its long but plz read it all it will mean so much 2 me. okay so I have a current boyfriend now and an ex. my ex and I dated for a while year and he was my first serious relationship and I was so happy. we went through a lot together and still he stood by me at maybe the worst possible time in my life and still comforted me. but suddenly after a lil while he turned on me and started to bully me and got a lot of people to hate me but we made up and we r frends again =) close actually. and my current bf is great to me now. but he wasn't before. he encouraged crap he shouldn't of and lied about some personal things that NO1 should lie about. like he said his brother was doin drugs when he knew my brother died of drugs. I was upset and heartbroken and some other things 2 im not gonna share but they were awful. I gave him and we r back together and he has changed. but my ex admitted he had a crush on me last nite and now I have mixed feelings. I feel more comfortable with my ex and I feel like I can tell him anything. I don't feel that way about my current bf but I still kinda have trust issues with my current bf. im thinkin about breakin up with him but I don't wanna be upset!!!! im soooooo confused plzzz advice and helppppp


too long to read. Stop seeking attention
You are confused. Break up with your current boyfriend because you don't truly love him. But don't get into another relationship right now. Give yourself some time and a break to clear your head. Stay friends with your ex for a bit. Once your mind is clear then you will know what to do next.
Go with your ex. He loves you and he was there for you the whole time. He cares. But if you go the other way, Hey, its your life, not mine.
since it seems to me like you like your ex more i say break up with ur current bf… it's wouldnt be fair if u stayed with him either since you have more feelings for ur ex.
In a relationship you HAVE to have trust in eachother, otherwise the relationship is doomed to fail.
You can see what you want right now.
Either you break-up now or you can try to give your current bf a second chance, but if repeats his mistakes, you should immediately break-up.
Do not wait for too long, if he doesnt change in 2 months, he wont in 3.

People don't always change because others tell them to, but time always changes people.

Its okay! You're strong enough to get through this icon smile Majorrrrrr Boyfriend Problem PLZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!?

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