Loving with Purpose TV Interview with author

Watch the television interview I had with Michelle Graves discussing my book, Loving with Purpose. My passion and purpose are the same; to help women expect more from their relationships and themselves. We talk about women, men, and children in this interview, and I offer simple, easy techniques to give your self-esteem and your relationship a big boost. We talk about the issues that come up in relationships and how to consciously correct our mistakes. So sit down and watch or just click and listen…either way you will come out with some of the information I provide in my book. To see more of what I write, including my book, Loving with Purpose, go to www.lovingwithpurpose.org. Video courtesy of the great guys working the booth at DATV in Dayton, Ohio. KIMBERLY MITCHELL, author of Loving with Purpose, stays focused on helping people create better relationships by raising their self-esteem and standards. As a writer and presenter, she shares techniques and tools that offer immediate and long-lasting benefits. Her advice covers an array of topics, including dating, marriage, family concerns, and other issues that occur in relationships. Her book, Loving with Purpose, has helped many individuals and couples who were struggling in a relationship, along with others who simply wanted to enhance their connections. She bases her philosophy on conscious loving, higher self-awareness, and making choices that work. As a student of life, she believes that good or bad, personal <b>…</b>

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