Long, but just want some advice on this girl please..?

Sir Asked: Long, but just want some advice on this girl please..?

Idk weve been friends for about a month and went on our first date i guess thursday.
Anyway i just feel like im puttin in way more effort than her. I will text her first and ask questions about her.
But she never text me first nor even in person she will rarely ask me a question about myself, its just her talking the whole time.

But she seems to show so much interest to me in person such as laughing smiling the whole time we talk, she even waits for me after class.But i just feel like she knows i like her and shes taking advantage of it..

Like she didnt even bring money for when we went to go eat lol..?
How can i figure out what she wants? Or should i just back off, i just feel so tired like im the only one trying :/


cutsareonlyscars Answered:
Tell her how you feel about this?
But it may be because she's shy, or she might feel annoying starting the conversation.
Also with that money thing she might not be able to afford it.

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