Legal question. Court date without having completed community service. Please help!?

Asked: Legal question. Court date without having completed community service. Please help!?

I was arrested with my friend for "Trespassing" for hanging out on a rooftop, not having seen the sign, which is apparently a huge deal… At the initial court date, I got a thing saying if I did one day of community service, it'll be taken off my record in six months. So the day I was supposed to do my community service just so happened to be the day that Hurricane Sandy happened. Being in the tristate area, transit was a nightmare and it made me about a half hour late. I tried calling them, I tried offering to stay later, but they didn't want to hear about NY's worst hurricane going on outside, so they wouldn't let me in.

I've tried but have been unable to reschedule ever since then. I'm due back in court today for when I'm supposed to show that I completed community service, and I'm not quite sure what to do. I'm hoping they'll understand and let me reschedule. I'm a bit anxious though. Can they arrest me or something at the court date today for not having completed community service?? Would really appreciate any help or advice (I'm 23, have never been arrested or had any legal problems before at all. It blows my mind to have all this headache over something so innocent, when we didn't even see the sign!)


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