Keona Jordan – I’m Beautiful (Lyric Video)

Keona Jordan's Debut Single "I'm Beautiful" Now available! (C) Written by: Keona Jordan Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist Keona Jordan new single's "I'm Always With you" and "I'm Beautiful". I'm so excited about the lives the Lord is going to touch through these two songs. I remember sitting on my bed when I pick up a paper and a pen. As I began to write the first song "I'm Always With You" I began to cry, all of us at one time in our lives has felt alone, and we feel like everyone has abandoned us but we can rest assured that the Lord is always with us. Immediately after the first song I started writing the second song in the same night titled "I'm Beautiful" many times in the body of Christ we are still dealing with insecurity. I myself has dealt with this. The Lord has helped me to see myself as he sees me. This song is not just for women but for everyone. I'm truly blessed to be able to work with the people I have been able to work with for these two powerful singles! Social Media Sites * * Keona's Booking Information (813)380-7771

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