Kaj. & Nebula. – Silver Lining

Kaj & Nebula – Silver Lining: soundcloud.com Nebula: soundcloud.com Music: Freely available from soundcloud.com/kaj-6/kaj-nebula-silver-lining Image: Purchased Royalty-free. EPIChillstep Networks: www.youtube.com twitter.com soundcloud.com Epic Chillstep (EPIChillstep) wants to serve as a channel to promote producers of chillstep / liquid dubstep genre. We want to pick up unknown and talented artists on an early level as well as established artists and give them the publicity they deserve for making such beautiful music. We do not intend to infringe any copyright. If you as an artist featured on our channel feel that we do not serve your needs or for any other reason want your track(s) removed from our channel, we will remove it immediately with no questions asked. Tags: kaj nebula silver lining chillstep liquid dubstep

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